Paris The Best European Destination to Stopover

This article describes the unparalleled splendor and beauty of Paris. It is the capital and mandrill city of France. Paris, within its secretarial limits is sited on the river Seine. It is one of the world’s chief centres for business and culture.

This stunning city is a hub of the world’s top leading brands and names. Paris is the home to world’s renowned and legendary designers like Versace and Gaul tier. This exotic city is worshipped by the world’s famous fashion designers and creators. This city is one of the most admired tourist destinations of the world. This town is crowded with iconic landmarks, trendy parks and dazzling monuments.

Top places to visit in Paris

1. The Eiffel Tower

It is one of the attractive signposts to visit in Paris. There is generally a huge crowd gathered at the tower base to view this out of the ordinary monument and enjoy its attractiveness.

2. Napoleon’s Tomb

This splendid tomb was accomplished by Napoleon. The dome of this splendid building is enclosed with gold. This stunning structure was earlier used as the model for San Francisco City Hall. Many of the captured banners and flags are located in the church here. The “Flag of Farewell”, which Napoleon kissed during his banishment from Elba Island, is also one of the interesting items placed in the church. The names of the French legendaries, who served Mexico are also extolled on the inner walls of this structure.

3. The Paris Opera House

The Paris Opera House is motivated from The Phantom of the Opera. The Paris Opera House is superb and astonishing to stare upon from both inside and outside. The elegant Opera House contains bountiful and lavish stairways and flamboyant decorations.

Best time to visit Paris
When you are planning a trip to Paris, springtime would be the best suited time to visit this exotic city. Colorful and lyrical spring landscapes add charm to its natural beauty.

Places to stay in Paris

1. Hotel Du Jeu De Paume
This is one of the best four star hotels of Paris, situated at the center of the city. It has a unique architecture with a royal tennis court. Its interior features and ornate decorations provide a splendid look.

2. Hotel De Bainville
This is one the cheapest and tremendous hotels of Paris. It is best suited for romantic couples or honeymoon couples who want to romance together in the lapse of nature. Spacious rooms and other facilities like gym, swimming pool and spa provide sufficient comfort to the tourists.

So, all these incredible and remarkable features make Paris the best holiday destination for the tourists. Just enjoy your vacations with the exotic beauty of Paris.