Use a Limo Service in Los Angeles to Visit All the Top Tourist Destinations and Sporting Events

If you are planning on traveling to Los Angeles anytime soon to take in the sites, what better way to get around than by using a limo service that knows the area extremely well? Not only do can they recommend all the best clubs, restaurants and bars, they also know the quickest ways in and out of the top venues for sporting events and tourist destinations. Below you will find a few of the places that are MUST see’s on your first visit to the city.

Los Angeles Lakers – There is not a harder to get ticket in town, than when the Lakers are in the playoffs. Just think about it, you might get to sit next to a movie or pop star. Jack Nicholson has been a season ticket holder for an eternity, and if you are lucky, you could get his autograph.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – What would a visit to L.A. be without a stop at this iconic landmark? In front of this establishment are some of the most famous footprints and hand-prints ever placed by many of the best known actors and actresses that Hollywood has ever had the pleasure of performing on the big screen.

The Hollywood Sign – Not having your picture taken in front of Los Angeles best known landmark on your first visit to the city is sacrilege. How will you ever be able to prove to your friends that you were really there without this picture, simply put, it is a must get photograph.

The Viper Room – Johnny Depth is a co-owner of this one of a kind night club and bar. It is not easy to get into the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s favorite hangout, you really need to know somebody since it only has approximately 250 seats. With any luck, the limo service that you use in Los Angeles will have the connections you need to rub shoulders with some of the most famous people on earth.

The Los Angeles Dodgers – Yes, everybody knows that the Dodgers are not doing so well this year, which makes getting tickets relatively easy. If you are a baseball fan, nothing would be more fun than taking in a game and having a picture of you and your family taken at Dodger stadium.

Warner Brothers Movie Studio Tour – This one of a kind movie studio has produced some of the greatest movies of all time. They offer daily tours that allow you to watch movies being shot. You get to see all of their sets, and see the actors and actresses walking around the campus.

There is no better way to get around Los Angeles and see all the sites than by using a limo service. If the group that you are coming with is just too large for a single car, you can also employ a party bus in Los Angeles that can quickly and efficiently get you in and out of all the places you plan on visiting. Before you make your first visit, please be sure to plan out all of your favorite activities and preferred destinations to ensure you and your traveling partners have the time of your lives.